Night 1 Location Puzzle

The puzzle included in this post encodes the location of PuzzleNight event 1, which happens Wednesday, February 5th starting 6:30pm!

A post with hints will be released in a few days, which should make the puzzle easier.

The location of PuzzleNight will be released publicly in a week.

Here it is:

PN_Night1_PrePuzzle (fixed small error in originally posted version).

Like most puzzles used for PuzzleNight, it is designed to be done by groups of 2-4 people, and may include unexpected surprises. It should result in an explicit address.

ADDED 1-30 -A hint, if you are struggling:


ADDED the solution. Follow this link for the location. (Be careful that you come to the downtown location, and not the others.)


If there are any issues with the puzzle, email!


Also, if you cannot make it to the first PuzzleNight, but would like to try the puzzles – I am always looking for play-testers to try out the puzzles. If you have time in the next week, email me at the address above.

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