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Night 2 Puzzle Released

The puzzle included in this post encodes the location of PuzzleNight event 2, which happens Monday, March 10th starting from 6:30pm!

Here it is:

PN_Night2_PrePuzzle  (updated 2-28)

Like most puzzles used for PuzzleNight, it is designed to be done by groups of 2-4 people, and may include unexpected surprises. It should result in a general address, but the explicit address is not far.

This post will be updated with hints in a few days, which should make the puzzle easier.

The location of PuzzleNight will then be released publicly in a week, so you can verify your answer (or just skip the puzzle).

Having trouble with the puzzle? Need a hint?

PN_Night2_PrePuzzle_Hint (added 3-4)

Need to double check your solution? Or cheat?

Puzzle Night 2 Location (added 3-8)

If there are any issues with the puzzle or location, email!

PuzzleNight, Night 2 Approaching – March 10th

Puzzle Night is happening again!

Night 2 is set for March 10th from 6:30pm, at an eatery/drinkery SOMEWHERE in Minneapolis.

A puzzle will be posted to reveal the location of the event about one week beforehand to devoted puzzlers, with hints trickling out. Two days before the event, the location will be released to everybody else.

UPDATE: Location Puzzle is HERE


-Come alone or with a group or with a partial group, and if you want to you can meet people and form a new group – we can help you. Ideal sizes are between 3 and 5 people.

-All solving can be done INDOORS and requires NO running around outside in the cold.

-Location will be a commercial establishment that can provide drinks and snacks

-3 puzzles will be available to work on simultaneously, and one final puzzle will be ‘unlocked’ over the course of the night

-Bonus puzzles may be on premises.

-Tons of hints and/or easier versions of some puzzles will be available. FOR REAL THIS TIME, I will have ‘beginner’ versions of puzzles. I promise.

If you are planning to come, please RSVP on the G+ or facebook page.

Learn more about PuzzleNight here.


If you can’t make it and still want to do puzzles or help out, consider playtesting the puzzles – it will help me increase the quality. Email me at, and we can arrange a playtest either in email or correspondance.