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Puzzle Night Bonus Night – Location Puzzle

The puzzle included in this post encodes the location of PuzzleNight bonus night, which happens Tuesday, April 21st starting from 6:30pm!

-Hint added 4/17/2015.

Here it is:

The puzzle should result in a unique location that is probably google-able.

This post will be updated with hints in a few days, which should make the puzzle easier.

The location of PuzzleNight will then be released publicly in a week, so you can verify your answer (or just skip the puzzle).

If there are any issues with the puzzle or location, email!

Need a hint?

Hint: The description that the letters from the idiom completions give you applies to just SOME of the idioms – focus on these for an acronym and a word (which together should lead to your location)

Solution: Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville. They have food and drink and boardgames, and Puzzle Night will bring the puzzles.

Puzzle Night – Bonus Night, Tuesday April 21

Update: Added location puzzle

I figured since there’s chilly, rainy April weather, it was time to have another Puzzle Night!

Bonus Night is set for Tuesday April 21st from 6:30pm, at an eatery/drinkery SOMEWHERE around the Twin Cities area.

A puzzle will be posted to reveal the location of the event about one week beforehand for devoted puzzlers, with hints trickling out. Two days before the event, the location will be released to all.


-Puzzle night is a free event! (Tips are of course welcome, to cover printing costs, but don’t worry about it)

-Come alone or with a group or with a partial group, and if you want to you can meet people and form a new group – we can help you. Ideal sizes are between 3 and 5 people.

-All solving can be done INDOORS and requires NO running around outside in the cold.

-Location will be a commercial establishment that can provide drinks and snacks

-3 puzzles will be available to work on simultaneously, and one final puzzle will be ‘unlocked’ over the course of the night

-Tons of hints will be available, if you are having trouble – Or if the puzzles are too unfair.

If you are planning to come, please RSVP on the G+ or facebook event pages, so I can print enough puzzles.

Learn more about PuzzleNight here.