Puzzle Night Bonus Night – Location Puzzle

The puzzle included in this post encodes the location of PuzzleNight bonus night, which happens Tuesday, April 21st starting from 6:30pm!

-Hint added 4/17/2015.

Here it is:

The puzzle should result in a unique location that is probably google-able.

This post will be updated with hints in a few days, which should make the puzzle easier.

The location of PuzzleNight will then be released publicly in a week, so you can verify your answer (or just skip the puzzle).

If there are any issues with the puzzle or location, email!

Need a hint?

Hint: The description that the letters from the idiom completions give you applies to just SOME of the idioms – focus on these for an acronym and a word (which together should lead to your location)

Solution: Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville. They have food and drink and boardgames, and Puzzle Night will bring the puzzles.

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  1. Alex

    Can you clarify the date?


      Whoops! The previously listed ‘April 13th’ was an incorrect date. The date for the event is still April 21st. Thanks!