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Location Puzzle for Puzzle Night on December 14th

Update 12/11: Hints and solution added!

The puzzle included in this post encodes the location of PuzzleNight bonus night, which happens Monday, December 14th starting from 6:30pm!

Here it is:
Location Puzzle

The puzzle should result in a unique location.

This post will be updated with hints in a few days, which should make the puzzle easier.

The location of PuzzleNight will then be released publicly in a week, so you can verify your answer (or just skip the puzzle).

Click the arrow next to the hints and solution to view them!

Hint 1

Each line is part of a famous newspaper headline which has been altered

Hint 2

Take each altered or added letter from the headlines in date order to produce an answer


Crooked Pint Mpls – Crooked Pint Ale House in downtown Minneapolis on Washington Ave. South. See you there Monday at 6:30!

If there are any issues with the puzzle or location, email!