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This puzzle event took place at once location over the course of an afternoon. There were plenty of puzzles that could be completed in a non-linear order, and they were combined with a number of interactive elements – including competitive challenges between teams!

The below will attempt to match the flow of the day.

Code Book
House Rules
Party Map
Progress Map

After all teams were assembled, teams were segregated – Blue Groups were given a few logic puzzles early to start, while the Red Groups did a group activity together. Once the Red Groups all finished the group activity and received all logic puzzles, the Blue Group did the group activity (after they finished, they received the remaining 3 logic puzzles).
Group activity: This was a group activity where they were piecing a jigsaw puzzle together, but they each had different pieces, and pieces from several different puzzles, and could trade the pieces they had with pieces in the bank. Eventually, if they worked together they could solve the jigsaw puzzle (which had an answer on the back of the pieces: “Say cheers to man on third floor”). It was possible for some teams to betray their fellow reds and run away with the answer if they garnered it early.

After the group activity, teams could proceed in any order. This included finishing logic puzzles and following their ‘breadcrumb’ trails (5 separate parallel paths), and also competing with other teams.

By the end of the day, each team was required to face off against another team of the opposing color in a variety of party events. These included the following:
-A rock paper scissors competition
-A ‘bean counting’ challenge
-A ‘ryoketto’ japanese drinking game challenge
-Playing Street Fighter 2 against each other
-Facing off in a quizbowl style trivia competition, complete with buzzers (curious what the trivia was? click HERE for the full question set)

*Special thanks to Vu, Mark, Marc, Evan, and Brett for hosting competitions
Winners of each event earned themselves bonus points, and points for their Color group overall. By doing each challenge, they earned CODEWORDS. The following were the codewords:

Puzzle Paths:
On each puzzle ‘track’, the instruction revealed in the first logic puzzle would lead to a number of ‘bread crumb’ mini-puzzles. These instructions and crumb results involved location-specific scavenging to find each next part of the sequence. Ultimately they would lead to another full puzzle at the end of the track which solved to a one-word solution. So each track ended in one solution. Also, each logic puzzle would provide a ‘key’ letter.

Track 1:
Logic Puzzle (masyu) – HintSolution
Crumb A
Crumb B
Puzzle 1 (party invitation)
– Puzzle 1 Hints/Walkthrough

Track 2:
Logic Puzzle (stardoku) – HintSolution
Crumb A
Crumb B
Puzzle 2 (spider web)
– Puzzle 2 Hints/Walkthrough

Track 3:
Logic Puzzle (waterfill) – HintSolution
Crumb A
-‘Rules’ posters that were posted around the premises: one two three four five
Crumb B
Puzzle 3 (videogames) *Special credit to Brett Klooster who did the bulk of the work on the games

Track 4:
Logic Puzzle (wordskeleton) – Hint
Crumb A (was attached to a party blower containing a message when ‘blown’ that suggested they ‘tickle’ a host)
Crumb B
Puzzle 4 (photo) *Special credit to Kenny Schweiger who provided art for the photo
– Puzzle 4 Hints/Walkthrough

Track 5:
Logic Puzzle (abchitori) – HintSolution
– Music Room (the following tracks were played in the music room on a boombox that could be skipped around: *Special credit to Matheatre for track dubs (though the music rights obviously belong to their owners!) Note that the sign in the room says that you must always be dancing.

Crumb A
Crumb B
Puzzle 5 (boardgames)

-Puzzle 5 Hints/Walkthrough

Once a team had obtained all of the answers, code words, and key letters, they could obtain one final clue puzzle – and a Final Hint Puzzle was also available if teams wanted to spend time on it (but it was not strictly necessary).
Final Puzzle
Final Hint

Standings for MN0PQ10 March 2012 event:

Congratulations to all of the 53 participating players of MN0PQ10!
Here are the results, for those of you who care about scores:
1. Galactic Trendsetters 8800 (1st Final Puzzle answer) (3 hints taken) RED
2. Sparky’s Rangers 7000 (2nd Final Puzzle answer) (2 hints taken) RED
3. Ghost of W R Hearst 4500 RED
4. The Sun, Moon, and Stars 3600 BLUE
5. Team Noodle 3100 BLUE
6. Discovery Channel 2900 BLUE
7. Sasquatch-Kong. Zilla. 2700 RED
Totally In 2700 BLUE
Strange Science 2700 RED
Unsubmitted (or I couldn’t find your score sheet :( ), but still worked hard:
Dangling Participles, Team Oh My, Team Default Name, The Bivalves, The Carl Wilcoxon Experience