MN0PQ 6 Archive

This puzzle event took place at multiple locations over the course of an afternoon. The event started at a central space, led puzzlers to 4 other locations, then had them return to the central space to complete 4 more puzzles leading up to a final room puzzle.

Many of the puzzles required location-specific interactions. Here I’ve attempted to replicate those. If you are just interested in the puzzles that are doable as-is, try puzzles 1, 2, 3 (mostly), 4, and 6.

Code book
Know your rights
-Identification Cards (one card per person) (sheet 1 2 3 4 5 6)

Orientation: Police Station Lobby


As the players enter the police station, they are greeted by a friendly man outside who is gardening. Teams of four registered at the police station and received their starting items.

Each team received a set of 4 ID cards. Teams were told to assign one card to each member of their team – one for The Brains, The Muscle, The Looks, and The Wildcard.

Introduction: Police Station Lounge

ITEM GIVEN: Know Your Rights Pamphlet

The police chief gives a speech:

Police Chief: Listen up, ya mucks. I’m the chief of police of this ward and I don’t stand for any crap. Ya hear me? Now, you probably know why you’ve all been gathered here today, but I’m gonna tell it to your face anyways because it gives me da pleasure. The professor’s recently been charged with the murder of Cornelius Tasselbaum, also known as The Doctor. Now, I’ve always been distrustful of The Professor and his type. That whole ‘puzzle’ crowd… I’ve had it up to here with them. You all have been brought here under suspicion of having worked for The Professor in the past. We figure we might be able to get some information out of ya’s. Once we get that, you can be on your merry ways. Until that, you are MINE. The Professor has been going on about how it might have been The Gardener who somehow framed him –but I don’t buy it. The Gardener is an upstanding citizen of this community, and I WILL not see such maliciously false accusations see the light of day. Anyways, you’ll all be individually called up for questioning shortly. Good day. And remember: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

A list of names that correspond to names on the ID cards are read, dividing players into four groups (The Brains, The Muscle, The Looks, and The Wildcard), each containing one player from each team. Three of the breakout groups are lead to different locations, and the remaining one player per team group consists of entirely “The Looks”.

Puzzle 0 is performed in these groups of like roles, and afterward teams are re-formed

Puzzle 0 Descriptions

PUZZLE 1 (The Bunny Puzzle): Bunny Statue. Puzzlers are given the puzzle and an item. Around the area is a collection of words on the ground.

ITEM GIVEN: The Professor’s Flashlight.


Bunny words

Bunny Puzzle Sheet 1

Puzzle 1 Hints

PUZZLE 2 (The Will Puzzle): Lawyer’s Office.

ITEM GIVEN: The Professor’s Glasses

Arnie Greenbach gives puzzlers a copy of The Doctor’s Will (which has two sides).


[Will front side Puzzle Sheet 2A]

[Will back side Puzzle Sheet 2B]

Puzzle 2 Hints

PUZZLE 3 (The Plant Puzzle): The Greenhouse.

ITEM FOUND: The Professor’s Magnet.

Puzzlers arrive, are given puzzles, and are told they can make appointments to enter the greenhouse.

PUZZLE: (*Final part of solution requires physical environment)

[Plant Puzzle 3]

Puzzle should result in an instruction.

Puzzle 3 Hints

GREENHOUSE CONTENTS: [There are 14 pots in the greenhouse. Some pots in the room are labelled (from left to right): Pot 2: Milkweed. Pot 5: Magnolia. Pot 6: Geranium. Pot 13: Primrose.]

PUZZLE 4 (The Map Puzzle): The Park.

ITEM GIVEN: The Professor’s String

Puzzlers are given the string and a map puzzle.


[Map Puzzle 4]

Puzzle 4 Hints


INTERACTION 4-X (The Alleyway): The alley. The Photographer is waiting in the alleyway. He gives puzzlers an item and shows the photo he took, which is being used to blackmail the police chief.

[Photograph Image 4B]

The photographer: ” See, it turns out that none of the crimes he’s committing in the photograph is actually evidence -he’s been cleared. But the reason he’s being blackmailed is his possession of one of THESE FOUR OBJECTS. The Mushroom Tin, the Warrior Figurine, the Ornate Casket, and the Dream Catcher. ”

ITEM GIVEN: The Professor’s Sandwich

Return to the Police Station: Police Station Lobby.

ITEM GIVEN: The Professor’s Marble

PUZZLE 5 (Split up):

Is spread out in different locations, and combined interactions, activities, as well as paper components. Teams could tackle these puzzles in any order – each puzzle resulted in 1 of the 4 pieces of puzzle 6. See the descriptions and puzzles in context HERE.

PUZZLE 6(The Decoder Puzzle): Police Station. The puzzlers should now have four of the professor’s items, which together form a puzzle. (These should probably be physically printed out for the puzzle to work)

6A. Wheel
6B. Star Chart
6C. List
6D. Letter

Puzzle 6 Hints

Solving the puzzles leads to an instruction that gives the following item:

ITEM RECEIVED: The Professor’s Tie

PUZZLE 7A(The Final Puzzle):

By this point you have collected 13 clues to put together…

(Previous puzzles on which the pieces appear: 1, 2B, 3, 4, 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D, 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D, Tie)


Here they are assembled for you though

1 The wildcards know what the final room puzzle looks like: there are 16 numbered boxes from 1 to 16. Row one has boxes 1-4, row two has boxes 5-8, etc. Column 1 has boxes 1,5, 9, 13, column 2 has 2, 6, 10, 14, etc.

2. The objects in boxes are: the warrior figurine, the fungus power tin, the ornate casket, and the dream catcher. Icons on boxes will reveal what items can be used on them.

Row 1 has either 3 objects in it or 1 object in it
Column 1 has either 1 object in it or 3 objects in it
Column 2 has either 2 objects or none

4. Each object is associated with a different element: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind. But the element associations could be anything, no matter the object’s nature.

5. The earth element object is not on a square with a ‘1’ digit in it
The wind element item is in one of the corners
The fire element object is not in boxes 1-8
The water element object is not in an odd-nmbered box

6. If you add the box numbers of two of the objects, you obtain the box number of another object

7. The warrior figurine is the same row and/or the same column as another object, but is NOT in the same row or column as the ornate casket.
There are exactly 3 objects in even-numbered boxes.

8. The dream catcher is not orthogonally or diagonally adjacent to any other object.
The earth and fire element boxes are not orthogonally or diagonally adjacent with each other
Two of the objects are diagonally adjacent to each other.

9. The following depiction indicates item elements that are NOT found in the corresponding positions:

10. The warrior figurine and the dream catcher are NOT in the upper right quadrant
The fungus tin and the ornate casket are not in the bottom left quadrant.
The fire element object is neither the ornate casket nor the dream catcher

11. Liar’s corner (one of these lines is completely true, the others are completely false)
I the earth element is in box #10, the warrior figurine is the water element object
II The wind element object is in box #4, the ornate casket is the wind element object
III The fungus tin is in box #13, the ornate casket is the wind element object
IV the fungus tin is the water element object, the fungus tin is at box #2
V The dream catcher is the fire element, the dream catcher is at box#5

12. The fungus tin is not one of the pieces moved in the shortest solution to this slide puzzle
3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8,12

13. Seeing the music is not enough – you must hear it to get the most valuable object.


After working on the puzzle, you should figure out which four boxes are important.

PUZZLE 7B(The Final Room): Police Station.

Final Room Puzzle Description

End Game:



1. Stone Throwers = 3900 + C (extra sandwich not awarded points) = total score of 5100!!!
2. Galactic Trendsetters = 3800 + D = total score of 4700!
3. Ironclad Alibi = 3600 + D = total score of 4500!
4. Team Coinslot = 3300 + D = total score of 4200!
5. Team Awesome = 3800 + F = total score of 4100!
6. Down to This = D + 2900 = total score of 3800!
7. Those Meddling Kids = 3800 box 13 = total score of 3800!
8. Los Manes De Los Dios = D + 2800 = total score of 3700!
9. Farthuffers = C + 2400 (extra sandwich not awarded points) = total score of 3600!
10. Skeleton Keys = 3500 (extra sandwich not awarded points) box 6 = total score of 3500!
11. Baker St. Idiots = 2900 box 11 = total score of 2900!

12. Sasquatchzilla = 2600 + extra marble received from other team’s loss in the cat box (300) = total score of 2900!
13. Team Discovery Channel = 2300 box 8 = total score of 2300!