MN0PQ8 Final Puzzle Hints


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The puzzle is split into two parts – before and after you identify a certain ‘message’. You can skip to an appropriate part of the puzzle by scanning past the hints below:

Hint A

‘What’s left’ of your answers to previous puzzles (left sides of cube read upward) correspond to the materials you will start with (the blocks)

Hint B

Presence of certain concepts on blocks (identifying their block) will correspond to how the blocks connect to the block below them.

Hint C

A single path will run up and down the tower, hitting every visible letter revealing a message.

Hint D

The blocks are in this order: ceramic, lever, explosive, engine, computer.

Hint E (double deduction structural hint)

The first concept connections are the following: terra-cotta, crow-bar

Hint F (double deduction structural hint)

The last concept connections are: flash-powder, turbo-jet, main-frame

Hint G – The first message (quadrupal deduction)


Hint H

There is an ‘art’ to the way the cubes are connected, and a sense to each side of the pyramid

Hint I

Think compound words like in the tower, for when cubes connect.

Hint J

To figure out where to go in and where to exit from the structure, think of alternate meanings for the sides of some cubes

Hint K (double deduction structural hint)

The base is connected with some of the following connections: turn-table, mono-graph

Hint L (double deduction structural hint)

The rest of the base connections are: paper-back, paint-brush

Final message (quadrupal deduction)


Final answer

APOLLO (as in, the Apollo program (a series of spacecrafts!) or Apollo the god of music, bridging science and technology and representing humanity striving for progress)


Much of the puzzle is sussing out what exactly you are supposed to be doing.
The initial step is identifying 5 of the 10 cubes, the ones you need to use to build a tower.
The squares listed on the conspiracy sheet can be used to translate your answers (one of the three words on the square) into the indicated cube (The ‘extracted’ left-side climbing word).
Here are the squares and one of the sides of the cube:
GIVEN – Engine
MICRO – Ceramic
EXPORT – Explosive
COMMENT – Computer
LEDGE – Lever
The squares that are not used for the tower are:
Mother (Moons those erase)
Table (taker abacus legend)
Beauty (bebop audio typed)
Symmetry (symbol metro trying)
Proportion (produce portent ionize)

So once you isolate the five cubes for the tower, you have many sides you want to look at. The conspiracy sheet also appears to give you a ‘base’ on which to place the first cube, and it has the word ‘Terra’ on it.
You should think of not just ‘terra firma’, as it’s your base… but also, one of the sides of one of your cubes has the word ‘cotta’, which is also an ending to ‘terra’. Terra cotta actually is a kind of ‘Ceramic’, which is a word that is also on this same cube (in fact, ‘ceramic’ was the ‘name’ of the cube, it was how it was selected as one of the five via the list from above. This should hint at the pattern to come, but simply putting it there ‘cotta’-side down is a start.

Once you put the cotta-side down piece, you’ll see that ‘crow’ is now the top word. If you want to follow the pattern from before, where you build a compound word with the connection (crow-___) that is an example of the name of the cube (any of engine, explosive, computer, or lever). That answer is, in fact, CROW-BAR, which is a kind of lever.
The crow-bar connection then leads to FLASH being on the top. We repeat the process from here. Note that at any point here, you can ATTEMPT to determine the path ‘up’ the tower starting from the base. It does trace a coherent message that might help constructing the tower without necessarily knowing why pieces connect.
Here is the list of tower connections
Terra – Cotta (ceramic)
Crow – Bar (lever)
Flash – Powder (explosive)
Turbo – Jet (engine)
Main – Frame (computer)
This leaves ‘Craft’ at the top.

The message running up and down the tower is:

Build pyramid from other cubes.
Plant-side down.
Four at base.
One on top, centered.
Artsy heart.
Like sides

Some of these are easier to figure out than others.
In any case, plant-side down simplifies things a lot.
So take IRIS, LILY, ROSE, SUNFLOWER, and LOTUS as the down-side to these five cubes.
Next, we need to figure out how they connect as 4 at the base. There are a couple ways here, but let’s focus on the hints:
Artsy heart and Like sides.
There are a few candidates for ‘like sides’, but ‘artsy-heart’ is maybe the most clear (you could get like sides first though)
If you try to categorize the visible words, here are some groups you could maybe make:
Groups of three:
Mother, Father, Child
Symmetry, Proportion, Beauty
Swedish, Norse, Finnish
Enter, Entity, Entice???
A group of four:
Support, Prop, Strut, Base
A group of 8:
Graph, Turn, Brush, Mono, Paper, Table, Paint, Back
A single:

If you look at that group of 8, you’ll notice some more compound words. If you remember building the tower, compound words indicated where cubes joined together. If you make the following connections, you have an ‘artsy’ collection:
Turn-table, mono-graph, paper-back, paint-brush.
With these connections, the base of the pyramid should be pretty solid.
But note also that joined in this way with plant-sides down, if you look at the sides you have pairs facing outward:
Mother-Father, Symmetry-Proportion, Swedish-Finnish, Enter-Entity.
Nice combinations. This lends a clue to the orientation of the piece that goes on the top. But speaking of the top, look at what’s facing upward from the four bases: ‘Support’ ‘prop’ ‘strut’ ‘base’. The top describes that those cubes are the foundation for the fifth.
Handily, the last cube has these sides:
Sunflower, Child, Norse, Entice, Beauty, and Space.
If you place child facing mother and father, norse faces finnish and swedish, beauty faces symmetry and proportion, and Space faces up. Fittingly! (Also, Sunflower is a pretty nice plant choice for the pyramid).
This should be a complete pyramid! But how to extract the message?
Notice that, if constructed properly, the path line points down to the ground from two sides: ‘Enter’ and ‘Finnish’. Indicating the start and the ‘finish’ of the path.
If you trace this path up and around the pyramid, you get the following message:
Add two to letters
SYNMJJ is answer.
A music god.
Also where pyramid meets tower.

You can jump right ahead and increment those garbage letters by two, and you get Apollo, which is the answer.

But if you want to fully appreciate the answer, I’ll invite you to think about the arrangement of the structures you’ve made.
You can think of the tower as reaching to the heavens, built from connecting the technologies of human civilization. At the very top, you have ‘Craft’ (a synonym for technology), seemingly touching the heavens. But next to this tower, you have a pyramid. And instead of technology, it is formed from the arts. And at its top is ‘space’.
You can think of bridging between the tower and the pyramid (arts and the sciences), and you could have a last connection: Space-craft. A technology that bridges man to the heavens.
But what was THE space-craft technology that bridged man to the heavens? Well, a famous one was the Apollo Program. Named after a god of music.
I hope this little set of symbolic connections wasn’t too pretentious, but I’m kind of proud of it.

Your answer is Apollo, hope this was fun!