MN0PQ10 Puzzle 4 Hints


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Hint 1

There’s so many different things going on in this picture! But maybe some things are not so different. Direct yourself to those and you’ll see exactly what
am aiming at.

Hint 2

Be sure to cut to just the photograph itself. When you’re delving into the folds of this mystery, you may find that your answer lies behind these stories you make out with your naked eye.

Hint 3

Fold over the lines of sight




There are a few clues embedded in the photo. You’ll also see that all of the eyes in the image are a little strange. Then you might see that there is a poster on the wall with dots, and a connected line through it.
Taking those together, you can draw lines from the ‘like’ eyeball styles – three lines for three pairs of eyeballs. Each of these lines passes through letters on the page that form the words:
Take the lines that you have drawn through the eyeballs, and use these to create fold lines over the photo. If you have cut the photo out properly, the fold lines should fold the image over backwards. You have to determine the right order of folds, but there’s only a few options. Once you’ve done it, you should see the word DOZE formed in a new image from the folds. Doze is the answer.