MN0PQ10 Puzzle 5 Hints


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Hint 1

These puzzles aren’t all legitimate. But what’s wrong with them? Are they unfair? Missing pieces? Extras?

Hint 2

Check your property names, look where you’re spinning, see what numbers you’re rolling, and count your letters – you should be fine.




This puzzle was pretty straightforward, and mostly a search through the materials. As is probably obvious, there were missing or altered pieces to each boardgame.
Monopoly: Was missing the B & O Railroad card, which suggests you use the letters ‘B’ and ‘O’ from it.
Twister: Had a magnet on the left side, suggesting you extract ‘L’
Yahtzee: Had a die with all 5’s, suggesting you extract the fifth letter: ‘E’
Scrabble: Had a missing ‘W’, suggesting you extract a ‘W’.
In the order that the sheet gives you, that result should be B E L O W. Below.