MN0PQ6 Endings

Final Scene: Police Chief: So, you said you had some evidence you wanted to submit?

5th best ending: -Team which chose no object but had most points is called up, all teams who chose no object named

Police Chief: I don’t see anything. You mean to say you didn’t find anything to help the case? Alright I guess the professor is being put to death. That’s my own brand of sweet justice right there it. What? Yes? Oh? WHAT??!?!! That was holding. The professor just escaped. But he probably will lose his reputation forever!



4th best ending: -Team which chose figurine but had most points is called up, all teams who chose the figurine are named

Police Chief: The… the warrior figurine!? Whatever you do, do not let that go! Do not drop that to the floor! NO!!!!!! This was supposed to be kept safe from our clumsy hands… and now it’s broken. Don’t you see what this unleashes? It is true. The dead now rise and walk the earth. It won’t be long now. Wait… the professor! He’s out there fighting the zombies himself! Certainly there’s no way he can withstand this?! He’s escaping AND killing zombies!? Well, that’s something fun to see before we all die.

Gardener: (evil laugh)


3rd Best Ending: -Team which chose mushroom tin but had most points is called up, all teams who chose the tin are named

Police Chief: Wait! That’s…. that’s my own private tin. Give that here! It’s mine and nobody should touch it. Why are you all looking at me like that? It’s not a bad thing. Okay, so I’ve done somethings in my life I’m ashamed of, it’s not…. oh god. Yeah. Yes. uh huh. WHAT??!!! The professor just escaped? And my SON who was guarding him accidentally shot himself in the face trying to pursue him? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Life is not worth living if my son has lost his face!!!!

Gardener: (evil laugh)

2nd Best Ending: -Team which chose dreamcatcher but had most points is called up. All teams who chose the dreamcatcher are named

Police Chief: Wait! That’s… wait, do you know how long that’s been missing? That ancient relic, believe it or not, is worth more than this entire town. Why, with that, I offer to SELL you this entire police station. Heck, I’ll even free the professor for ya. With all the money that’s worth, we can do anything! We’re filthy stinkin’ rich I tell ya! Hey everybody, drinks on me! All sins are forgiven, we’re all rich!!!!

Gardener: (evil laugh)

Best Ending: -Team which chose the ornate casket and had most points is called up. All teams who chose the casket are named

Police Chief: Wait! That’s… No please. That’s the song my mother used to sing when she tucked me in at night. The final countdown. She told me how much meaning the song had, that it was about making the right decision before it was too late. Before everything changed forever. I remember she would tell me all of those wholesome things, like not to take briberies, and not to help villains frame innocent men -no matter how DORKY they was. Why…. it makes me almost…. almost….. I guess there is no one to blame. OKAY I ADMIT IT. I WAS BEIN’ BLACKMAILED THE WHOLE TIME. I deserve to be in prison MYSELF -not The Poor Professor!

Gardener: (evil laugh)

Police Chief: Hey, it’s him! that guy is the Gardener! don’t just sit there, GRAB HIM

Gardener: Curses! I would have gotten away with it too, if you hadn’t been so overly sentimental about that awful song! I guess the professor will be freed. And here I am, taking the fall for the very murder that I committed. But let this be known: I would gladly kill one hundred good men, before I let one flower be trampled, by the relentless progress of man’s military-industrial-chemical process! With so many light years to go and things to be found…. the rewards awaiting in the afterlife will abound.

Police Chief: I’m sure that we’ll all miss him so.


Wait – while we were all here resolving the plot, the professor already escaped! He’s left a PUZZLE!