MN0PQ6 Final Puzzle Room Description

The final room was a time-limited puzzle (to many players’ chagrine).
The event was pretty harsh, but the intent was to give players a limited amount of time to interact with only some of the boxes, and to have to make a decision quickly about which 1 box they could open.
If you want to simulate the ideal event, interact with 4-8 of the boxes below before choosing.


Box 1 GLASSES interaction
Box 2 FLASHLIGHT interaction

Reveals message: “If this Box contains an object it is the 3rd Best Object”

Box 3 MARBLE interaction
Box 4 MAGNET interaction
Box 5 MAGNET interaction

Plays the song “The Final Countdown”

Box 6 MARBLE interaction

Message: “You should not open me”

Box 7 GLASSES interaction

Message: “100% Pure Snake Oil”

Box 8 DECODER interaction

Message: “Hello Dear Agents, two of the most valuable objects are in this row and or column. At least one of them is in this very row. But not this box! Professor Out.”

Box 9 MAGNET interaction

Message: “If this Box contains an object it is the 3rd Best Object”

Box 10 BONUS interaction

Contains an obscure bonus puzzle that wasn’t important.

Box 11 MAGNET interaction

Magnet sticks to box

Box 12 GLASSES interaction

The second most valuable object is adjacent!

Box 13 FLASHLIGHT interaction

Flashlight reflects eyeball of viewer.

Box 14 GLASSES interaction

Message: “If this box contains an item, it is the 4th most valuable item”

Box 15 DECODER interaction

Message: “The most valuable item is not in this row”

Box 16 MARBLE interaction

Marble produces a flag with a musical note on it.


[The box that plays the song, box 5, is the highest value object – the winner. But all objects are worth points. 300, 600, 900, 1200]
Box 5 contains the Casket, the highest value object (1200)
Box 16 contains the Dream Catcher, the second highest (900)
Box 2 contains the Fungus Tin, the third highest (600)
Box 14 contains the Warrior Figurine, the least valuable (300)


The logic puzzle from the 13 clues should narrow down boxes with objects to: box 2, box 5, box 14, box 16. The ‘room puzzle’ is then using the information from the room to determine which has the most value. Interacting with some of the boxes will give further clues to the whereabouts (though at the event there was not enough time for much interaction). Also note that, if one interacts with all the boxes, they may be able to determine good boxes EVEN IF they have not done the logic puzzle. Though we made some of the other boxes VERY TEMPTING, the intention was that you focused on the boxes from the logic puzzle.
The four important clues then were from the boxes themselves:
2 – “If this contains an object, it is the third best”
5 – Plays the final countdown song
14 – “If this contains an object, it is the fourth best”
16 – Produces a flag with a musical note on it
From these clues, knowing that each of these boxes DOES contain an object, to get the first or second best, you can ignore 2 and 14.
This leaves you with a choice of a ‘Visual’ music note, and an audio song.
If using the clue from the professor’s tie from before, it says ‘seeing is not enough, you must HEAR’, then the choice is then box 5. But generously, the second best box is that musical note, which is still a good amount of points :)