MN0PQ6 Puzzle 0 Descriptions

PUZZLE 0-A(The Brains): Police Station Lobby.

ITEM GIVEN: The Professor’s Book of Science.

PUZZLE part 1: All brains are lead to a room with a number of books and magazines and a prominently displayed ‘lineup chart’ which is placed for easy measurement of people’s heights. They are each given a book of science.

Description: When all of the ID cards of the brains are arranged according to HEIGHT, the first letters produce: ATLASPAGEFORTY. The image for puzzle part 2 is found on page 40 of an atlas in the room.

PUZZLE part 2 printout 0B



Minnehaha and Portland Ave


This image puzzle can be completed by translating the atomic numbers to letter combinations. The result is then two signs that show : M N N H H and P R T L N D. Which with new vowels spells Minnehaha and Portland -the intersection nearby where Puzzle 1 takes place.


PUZZLE 0-B(The Muscle): Park Near Police Station.

PUZZLE INTRO: All muscles are lead outside to a nearby park where a long crate is waiting on the ground, covered with stencils and signs (‘this side up’, ‘fragile’, etc.) There box is solidly constructed, with a few panels.

SOLUTION/DESCRIPTION: One piece of the crate comes out when pulled, and inside is a hammer. The hammer can be used to smash through a ‘fragile’ marked panel to reveal a hollow inside, which contains compasses and an instruction: “Go one block east and 4 blocks south”

ITEM FOUND: The Professor’s Compass.

PUZZLE 0-C(The Looks): Police Station Lounge.

PUZZLE: All of the looks are left in the lounge together, and Host mentions there is a problem. “I could have sworn there were supposed to be 13 of you, but I’m counting 14. I’ll have to see what the problem is.” He promptly leaves. Later: Host arrives and says “There’s supposed to be 13 people here and there’s 14 people here? How… puzzling.”

DESCRIPTION: When the ID cards of The Looks are compared, one person’s is different (for example, his color is not red, his designer is bad, and his astrological sign is odd.) On the mole’s ID card, his charm point is listed as ‘backpack’. Inside of his backpack there are transportation maps, and the instruction for agents to go to ‘TROLLEY CAR 2PM’ using the map.

ITEM FOUND: The Transportation Map.

PUZZLE 0-D(The Wildcards): Police Station Room.

PUZZLE INTRODUCTION: All of the wildcards are led to a hallway where there seem to be a number of playing cards strewn about and hidden everywhere. Charlie says: this is kind of a mess -maybe you should pick things up a bit. All wildcards are given magnifying glasses.

ITEM GIVEN: The Professor’s Magnifying Glass.


The playing cards each have a letter on them. The joker cards show suit symbols in a particular order. When they are arranged in numerical and suit order, they spell:





There are signs with the indicated symbol (#) posted on a door leading out of the hallway, and later, down the sidewalk. The symbols eventually lead to Site 1 for Puzzle 1.