MN0PQ6 Puzzle 1 Hints


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Hint 1

The professor kept a cage of white rabbits, and a a cage of big rabbits, and I gave him a big white rabbit that lived in both cages.

Hint 2

Vhen you put zhe items in categories of pointed size, zhere is some overlap


Red Ten PM


It should become clear that the words have things in common. Words also seem to have multiple categorizations. You can build groupings of words based on their meanings – for instance, all words with a ‘bird’ meaning can be grouped together. Each grouping corresponds to one of the overlapping shapes in the diagram (as a Venn Diagram works). Upon further examination, it should be clear that the number of corners on each shape corresponds to the number of items in the grouping. Once words have been placed in shapes, the answer can be extracted using the stars and numbers. Each star/number grouping corresponds to the letters of one of the words in the matching location. Each number corresponds to a letter, and when arranged in order spell a phrase: R E D T E N P M. Red Line Ten PM.