MN0PQ6 Puzzle 2 Hints


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Hint 1

[Read these words over backwards and forwards and inside out.]

Hint 2

[AHA! It’s the middle letters – good eyes, sneaky.]


[Bus Ten 4PM]


[There are several layers to this puzzle. Layer 1: There are a number of clues hidden in the text of the will. Relevant terms are ‘backwards and forward’ and ‘inside’, ‘center’, etc. are clues. Also, the shape of the border and header is specifically (mostly) symmetrical. Another clue is the latin phrase under the law office name: ‘subi dura a rudibus’ (which, incidentally, means ‘suffer from uncultured brutes’ ), is a palindromic phrase. An associative clue is also scattered throughout the text: a ‘man with a plan’, ‘canal street’, and ‘panamanian flag’ are associated with the famous palindrome (A MAN A PLAN A CANAL PANAMA) . Using those clues, one can next find that each paragraph contains a palindromic word or phrase hidden in it. 1. NO, TIE IT ON 2. EYE 3. NURSES RUN 4. LIVED AS A DEVIL 5. TENET 6. NOT A TON 7. AKA 8. RACECAR 9. *.*
But what to do with these? Note that at the center (inside) each of these palindromes is a non-matched letter. Reading these letters in order reveal: EYESNAKE.
Layer 2: If one looks closely (perhaps using the Magnifying Glass) at the snake at the top of the page, one can see a spiral of letters emanating from the snake’s eye. This string is very long and seems to be nonsense. However, using what was learned from the first layer of the puzzle, it should be clear that it is a string of palindromes. And, similarly, a central letter to each palindrome can be extracted. The phrase, once properly extracted, gives a message: ADDONETOLETTERSATCORNERS.
Layer 3: There are somewhat small letters all around the border of the will. But there are four discrete corners. If one increments (adds one to) each of these letters in the corners, a phrase can be found: BUS TEN FOUR PM. ]