MN0PQ6 Puzzle 3 Hints


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Hint 1

[Some say he would leave words behind in the plants]

Hint 2

[The pruned leaves are the letters left out of the plant words]


[USE THE COMPASS ON THE POTS TO GET THE ITEM. -In one of the pots is a magnet with a destination location attached -TIGER TRACK 5PM]


[ This puzzle is very busy, but consists of simple components. It should be clear that there are 14 plant names located on the page, which corresponds to the number of potted plants. Less obviously is what exactly this means. An analysis of letters and leaves shows that each word can match to a plant (once one notes that there are some leaves that have been pruned from the plants). After this, it is merely a word entry exercise, where each leaf corresponds to a letter. Unique-length word/plant pairs can be filled in first. After that, taking advantage of three letter words like ‘THE’ can provide progress. Finally, a little bit of trial and error should lead to puzzle completion. Note that this puzzle is perfectly completable without seeing the greenhouse labels -they just speed things up a bit. The phrase that results from the word entry is: THE POLICE CAPTAIN BLACKMAIL WAS EASILY DONE FOR ITEM AIM COMPASS AT POTS Which leads to layer 2 of the puzzle, which is physical. Aiming the compass at the pots will show that one of them is magnetic, and a magnet with a message can be dug out of it. ]