MN0PQ6 Puzzle 5 Descriptions


Puzzlers are told that 4 of the professor’s items are being kept in four different rooms in the police station. Appointments for the final room can be made at anytime from this point. There is also a utility room, but nobody can gain access unless they have a valid reason.

PUZZLE 5-A(Crypto-Wha?): Police Station Room A.

Teams are greeted by a guard and given a puzzle sheet, and they can make an appointment to use the Professor’s Machine for a few minutes. The marble machine was deliberately hard to use, and puzzlers only had time (each visit) to put in their marble 3-5 times before being kicked out of the room. The marble would fly out of the machine wildly, making it hard to determine its exit. The sheet below is provided with the actual mappings from the machine, but note that its usage was limited.

PUZZLE: (*Final part of solution requires physical environment. Mid-part machine access is recreated below.)
Puzzle Sheet 5A
Marble Machine simulation

ITEM EARNED: The Professor’s Star Chart.

PUZZLE 5-B (Charybdis): Police Station Game Room B.

When a team enters the game room, which is heavily cluttered, they are told that the lock box with the professor’s item is locked, and they lost the key. However, they are encouraged to check out and play a game called Charybdis.

PUZZLE: (*Final part of solution requires physical environment)
Puzzle Sheet 5B
Charybdis Board Image
Charybdis card images:
Green Cards
Blue Cards
Red Cards
Violet Cards

ITEM EARNED: The Professor’s Wheel.

PUZZLE 5-C(The Prisoner): Police Station Interrogation Room C.

The puzzlers can make an appointment to see the prisoner. They are given a background sheet on the prisoner. When they enter, the prisoner’s room is strewn with loose items, and the prisoner responds interactively to their queries based on keywords.

PUZZLE: (*Final part of solution requires physical environment. Interrogation query and response is recreated below.)

Briefing sheet 5C.

Interrogation Responses


Prisoner initial script with keyword prompts:

<default>–> Don’t bully me, you big bullies. You’re treating me like a child.

<alt default> —> I won’t do this dance with you. I’m not telling you nothing, this ain’t school.

<alt alt default> —> You’re not taping this are you? I wish my law-guy was here….

Gardener? –> I can’t tell you about the Gardener. He can do things to me that you would never do. He would take out these horrible things. Horrible horrible torture supplies… Wait, you’re not taping this are you? You better not show him this!

Professor’s item? –> I won’t tell you anything about the item. You can’t bully me into it, because the Gardener would do so much more to me than you ever could. I have no reason.

Childhood/ child? —> I grew up in Riverwood, and went to Ferguson Regional School.

Riverwood? —> It was a small town, kind of out of the way, but everyone’s parents there were employed by 3M, and every kid would go to school at Ferguson Regional School.

Ferguson Regional School ? —-> Ferguson was tops. Best time of my life there, in Riverwood. My whole time there I was looking forward to going to the dance at the end of the year that 3M sponsored. I wanted to take that stuck up girl Sally May to the dance.

3M? —> 3M employed just about everyone in town. They donated school supplies to Ferguson school, and even sponsored the big dance at the end of each school year.

School supplies/ box of supplies? —> 3M would donate so many school supplies: pencils, clipboards, paper,  scissors, and rolls of… (uncomfortable) well you know. They would donate so much stuff that Ferguson school would have to stick the surplus donations in a backroom behind the dance hall.

Dance? —> Yeah, I asked out Sally May in my senior year at Ferguson, she was the daughter of the 3M CEO. I was looking forward to that dance night for a long time, but… well I never ended up going to the dance with Sally May because of what happened that hot sticky night….

that night of the dance/incident ? —>  I wanted to sneak into the backroom behind the dance hall, so I could hawk some of the surplus 3M donated supplies before the dance was on. After I got there, WillyRat-cheeks cornered me in that room. He… he opened the box of supplies and…. I can’t remember it. Last thing I knew I was stuck to the wall, screaming, and…. I could see my arms through it, flexing, but to no avail. I was completely stuck. And nobody found me all night. I was so scared. I could hear them dancing it up at the dance though, through the wall. Rat-cheeks and Sally-May got together.

Willy Rat-cheeks the bully? —> He was a scrawny weasly guy. I had no idea he would get the drop on me that night. And I definitely had no idea that later he would hook up with Sally May. He was so adhesiv– I mean apprehensive.

Sally May? —> Well, she was the daughter of the 3M CEO, that’s right. Me and her were planning on going to the dance together, until it all went horribly wrong that night… anyways, she and Willy Rat-cheeks got together later… I remember her telling me, the reason she didnt’ like me. She’d said, “I never did like you, I much prefer rat-cheeks.” She said, “You were terribly attached. It was quite transparent.”

Backroom? —-> The back room, it was right behind the dance hall, and it’s where Ferguson school would store all the extra supplies that 3M donated. That was where I went that night, right before the dance. It was a sticky situation.

tape? —> Please! No please no please! Don’t put that on me! I’ll tell you anything! I hid HERE (gives the team the list – PUZZLE SOLVED)

ITEM EARNED: The Professor’s List.

PUZZLE 5-D(The Mail Room): Police Station Mail Room D.

ITEM: Puzzlers are prevented from entering the mail room by the surly guard. If they bother her, she reluctantly gives the team a puzzle sheet. When asking for access to the room, the guard says that they can come back next Thursday.

PUZZLE part one: (*Puzzle requires frequent use of physical environment, some details of which are summarized below)

Mail Puzzle Sheet 5D

Solution to part one

Once the puzzlers have interacted appropriately with the guard, they can make an appointment to enter the dark room.

ROOM DESCRIPTION: Inside of the dark room is a table, with a box on it.

Once the puzzlers find the sign, they can read it.

SIGN DESCRIPTION: The sign is a strange red blob of color, with clearly visible text: A JESTER MUST GESTURE

If the puzzlers shine their flashlight through their 3d glasses, they can find a secret message


SOLUTION: You must tell a joke to the guard, smile, wink, and give a thumbs up. Then the guard gives you the professor’s letter.