MN0PQ8 Interaction Puzzles

The interaction puzzles required puzzlers to do or say a certain thing to receive the puzzle sheet for the location.

Site 1:
The agent keeps saying ‘Shh’ whenever confronted.
The puzzlers needed to say ‘Shh’ back to them to receive their puzzle.

Site 2:
The agent says “KNOCK KNOCK”, then “TELLME”, then “TELLME JOKE”.
The agent then only gave them a puzzle if the team told the agent a joke.

Site 3:
The agent is named UghUgh. He has the team go through a round of ‘Ugh Ugh Says’. They must follow Ugh-Ugh’s instructions, but only if they are preceded by ‘ugh ugh says’. After this, ugh ugh gives them a Simon-style memory sequence:
Yellow green.
Yellow green blue yellow.
Yellow green blue yellow yellow.
Yellow green blue yellow yellow amber.
Yellow green blue yellow yellow amber green blue green blue.
If they recite it properly at each step they get the puzzle.

Site 4:
They are greeted with the following:
“Hi! Good to run into you! I am told as Abraham for my tag.
I am having a difficulty.
I could go on for a bit of a long duration, I can try to sustain a normal discussion, but it’s obvious that I am missing an important part of applying a USA – kind of talking. Fuzzy it is in my brain. And quickly do I run out of substitutions to build for this unit.
Kindly find what I am missing and notify to this thing what it is that I lack. Put Abraham at _____.”

If they don’t respond correctly, he continues:
“You couldn’t find a right solution until now? How about you think of a thing that I can’t say, but put in a mailbox and put out to humans far away. I am lacking a thing from that supply.”
“It’s a supply that most would know and say a lot, from child school, and follows D”


The letter ‘E’, or ‘E’s (ease). If they say it then they receive the puzzle.

Site 5:
The agent says:
“quire in
bout a
clue the
a vi
er alt
ing nate
guage lang
tern pat
this like”

After repeating it two times, then says:
“n’t did
team your
der und
the stand
mer form
tense sen?
switch try
the ing
ven ee
la syll
and bulls
it say”


The team has to ask in this alternating ordered syllable manner to get the puzzle