MN0PQ8 Puzzle 0 Description

Teams were each provided a puzzle sheet that includes a map of the park. The answer to the puzzle depended on certain physical features in the park.

Puzzle 0 Sheet

There were 4 agents located throughout the park who would recite scripts to nearby puzzlers.

Agent 1:

“Where’s the clue, Watson?

The light bulb watts on the table

What son is missing from home

Stow hats on the rack”

Agent 2:

“Owning nothing in tennis

Yours, sincerely,

Possessing Passion

Lust associated with me

Having a glove without a gangster”

Agent 3:

“Listen with your eyes across the pond when I say now.

Going Around Really Dense Even New Spaces


Good Aromatic Roses Do Emerge Newly Soon


Grabbing At Radical dawns, Ever Nature Strives


Gee A Rat Does Eat Nasty Spoons!”

Agent 4:

Waves a giant flag doing a sequence of timed Semaphore letters, aimed across the lake


The terms extracted from the agents were:

“What’s On”

“My Love”


“SSE” (The semaphore letters from agent 4 shown timed with when agent 3 says “Now!”.

This led puzzlers to a compass-shaped garden in the park, and along the SSE radial, one of many memorial stones has the inscription “What’s on, My Love” with a picture of a shoe. This shoe picture is the answer, as it corresponds to one of the icons on the event map in the introductory materials. This icon is where Puzzle 1 is given.