MN0PQ8 Puzzle 1 Hints


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Hint A

Look at these lines in a different way.

Hint B

Foreshorten the letters to see them properly.

Key Solution


Hint C

The message refers to adding the corresponding letters




If you foreshorten the page vertically, you should see the left-to-right letters as KEY IS CANOE. Easy enough – the key is ‘canoe’. That leads to the next puzzle.
If you foreshorten the top-to-bottom letters, it should be ADD NODES.
This instruction refers to the five nodes on the page. They are each located at the intersection of two letters on the page. If you add the alphanumeric values of the letters, you get the following:
C(3) + D(4) = 7 (G)
D(4) + E(5) = 9 (I)
C(3) + S(19) = 22 (V)
A(1) + D(4) = 5 (E)
E(5) + I(9) = 14 (N)

The answer is GIVEN