MN0PQ8 Puzzle 2 Hints


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Hint A

Speaking of the parts that are underlined: what ways could they be different?

Hint B

If each word is a letter, then maybe the chains can match to something

Hint C

Use the parts of speech of the chains to match a word, and take its opposing word

Key Solution


Hint D

You can find the sentence you’re looking for by its makeup




The sentences here are literally called out in the primer. Also, words are ‘boxed’ and linked in such a way that it should hint at the makeup of the sentence i.e. its grammar is important.
Additionally, the sentences themselves have some clues: classic grammar stars ‘Jane’ and ‘Dog’, and even the words ‘Part of speaking’ together.
The code booklet also incidentally has a section identifying parts of speech, with examples (and with the first letters of the parts of speech prominently enlarged).
Upon taking the parts of speech of the boxed words (the first letters of those parts of speech), it should be pretty clear that the numbered ‘chains’ correspond to words on the left of the page. Like so:
1. THAN (Preposition) HEY (Interjection) AND (Conjunction) PART (Noun) OH (Interjection) HOWEVER (Conjunction) = PICNIC
2. BOOM (Interjection) DOG (Noun) JANE (Noun) = INN
3. OF (Preposition) THE (Adjective/Article) DOG (Noun) = PAN
4. HE (Pronoun) ACH (Interjection) DOG (Noun) = PIN
5. WAS (Verb) LOUDLY (Adverb) LAMENT (Noun) = VAN
6. CRASH (Noun) AMAZINGLY (Adverb) SHE (Pronoun) = NAP
7. BUT (Conjunction) EMBARRASSED (Adjective) SHE (Pronoun) = CAP
You can then match each word on the left of the page with a word on the right side of the page in the same vertical position.
1. Picnic -> Key
2. Inn -> Is
3. Pan -> Coin
4. Pin -> Avian
5. Van -> Sentence
6. Nap -> Second
7. Cap -> Letters

The first part of this is our key – KEY IS COIN.
The second part is a clue to the next step:
Avian Sentence Second Letters

What could an Avian Sentence be?
Well, if you take the parts of speech in each sentence, you can find that one of the sentences’ parts of speech are indeed A V I A N
If you take the second letters from the words in this sentence, you get:
aMazingly sImulates aCh eRratic dOg = MICRO