Season 2 Night 1 Puzzle 1 Hints


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Hint 1

Hey, it kind of looks like a filmstrip. Each row is cluing the name of a movie. The low-res pictures are of DIFFERENT movies.




Hint 2

The clues are word-wise synonyms for movies’ SUBTITLES (or more accurately, for the subtitle or title of a movie in a series). Also, that first picture on the upper left? That’s ‘Before Sunrise’.




Hint 3

The clued movie is the Nth title in a movie series. Index into the name of the series with the title number. Also: that upper right movie picture? That’s ‘The Leprechaun’.







The look of a filmstrip and the clue text including the word ‘subtitles’ intended to clue you in to finding movies and their subtitles – hopefully between that and thinking of synonym patterns or recognizing movie posters, you should have gone down this path.

First, find all of the subtitles/titles. The titles and their series names, and their number in the series are the following:
(Alien) Resurrection [4th]
(‘Before’ series) Before Midnight [3]
(Die Hard) Live Free or Die Hard [4]
(Evil Dead) Army of Darkness [3]
(Indiana Jones) [and the] Temple of Doom [2]
(James Bond) You Only Live Twice [5]
(Leprechaun) Back to tha Hood [6]
(Mission Impossible) Ghost Protocol [4]
(Star Trek) The Journey Home [4]
(Star Wars) Return of the Jedi [3 (or 6?)]

Next, put these series-indexed letters in the order presented in the pictures on the frame.
be[F]ore sta[R]trek st[A]rw[A?]rs i[N]dianajones lepre[C]haun
die[H]ard ev[I]ldead jame[S]bond ali[E]n mis[S]ionimpossible

‘Franchises’ is the answer.