Season 2 Night 2 Bonus Puzzle Hints


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Hint 1

What kind of temperatures are those? It doesn’t label what type of degrees those are!




Hint 2

The compass indicator on the map seems to indicate something, perhaps relating to our numbers.




Hint 3

Those dots in the squares might be important too… but what bearing do these hints have?




Hint 4

Use the values in the graphs as compass degree headings, and the time values should indicate relative distances. Example: take Denver. Start at the dot. First head -93 degrees (or about South) for 1/3 of your letter, then head -1 degrees (so about East) for another 1/3, then head 88 (or about North) for the final 1/3. This should be a ‘U’ shape. The other letters are sometimes more complicated.






There’s a lot of numbers being presented, and times. The trick is that the degree measurements are not actually temperatures, but compass headings (as hinted by the map and the compass rose). The compass rose also indicates how to measure the degrees (starting from the right side and going counterclockwise, as is standard).
From each city’s letter, you assume that the ‘speed’ of tracing is constant, which means the time gives you a distance. So each city is drawing a letter. The accompanying boxes for each city provide a ‘dot’ from which to start the letter drawing.
The easiest letter is Seattle, which moves due West for 5 hours, then North for 7 hours. This should be a clear ‘L’ shape. So far so good. Then Denver is also easy, which goes South, then East, then North, making a crude ‘U’. The remaining letters are harder, but the follow the same rules. You should get the following:
Anchorage: F
Denver: U
Miami: E
New Orleans: K
Seattle: L
But how to arrange?
If you arrange them on the world map (or even just a a US map) based on the cities’ actual locations, it should spell FLUKE (regardless of if you go North to South or West to East)
And that’s our answer!