Season 2 Night 2 Location Puzzle Hints


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Hint 1

The columns where the astrological signs above and below DON’T match may be important.




Hint 2

Each of the horoscopes have things in common with other horoscopes…




Hint 3

Pairs of horoscopes will use the same word in the same position – check the first letters of all of these pairs.





Find all of the places where the same word is used in multiple horoscopes in the same position. These will also each be in the same place that the astrological signs on the top and bottom DON’T match. Take the first letter of each of these word pairs.
For example: Look/Look (the first words of two horoscopes) = L, a/a (in the fourth position, the word ‘a’ is used in two separate horoscopes) = A, key/key = K, etc.
Taking the first letters of these pairs, you get L A K E M O N S T E R B R E W E R Y. Lake Monster Brewery. That’s where the event was!