Season 2 Night 2 Puzzle 1 Hints


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Hint 1

Match each picture to a clue on a side of a collection beaker. Think of missing words that can complete the hint.




Hint 2

The missing words are 3 separate types of precipitation, and each 2 of the six beakers utilize one precipitation word.




Hint 3

That picture is ‘eighties’ and clues the Paul’s Boutique song ‘Hey Ladies’ using the ‘hail’ beaker. Once all connections are matched, count the droplets contained in the resulting polygons.







The trick is figuring out what you are not being told. ‘From the sound of it’ implies some wordplay. Some of these matches are more obvious than others. It’s also not entirely clear what all three types of ‘precipitation’ are, which can add some confusion at first. But the droplets at least should suggest rain.
Some of the easier break-ins are: ‘UK-rain’ for former USSR country, and ‘hail-o’ or ‘hail mary’. The full list of matches, in beaker order:
hail-mary (hail mary)
hail-o (helo)
snow-urkel (snorkel)
snow-cone (sno-kone)
UK-rain (Ukraine)
rain-bow (rainbow)
snow-ring (snoring)
snow-ball (snowball)
x-hail (exhale)
hail-eighties (Hey Ladies)
rest-rain (restrain)
ref-rain (refrain)

Once the matches are made, you can seal off each beaker by drawing the final line in the polygon. This defines a shape that contains a number of droplets. Count the droplets. As hinted by the ’26 inches’ measurement in the beakers, the number should be converted to a letter. So in the end, the beakers contain the following amounts:
6, 12, 1, 11, 5, 14
Which in letters is:

Flakes, which is the answer.