Season 2 Night 2 Puzzle 2 Hints


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Hint 1

In general, cycling through the following strategies should help: try to satisfy numbers, don’t allow 2×2 blocks, make sure that an ‘escape’ or ‘connection’ path connecting all clouds is guaranteed, and make sure that your ‘storm’ clouds can fit properly. Be careful – note that no storm block can be placed adjacent to a clued (number) block due to their constraints.




Hint 2

The bottom left square of the grid and the upper left square of the grid are both storm blocks.




Hint 3

On page 2, your radio stations should be at the intersection of the following multi-word items: The White Stripes (T), John Lennon (N), Jimi Hendrix (I), Howard Stern (R), Buddy Holly (Y), Cab Calloway (C), and Beach Boys (B). Remember that each diagonal of a radio station can be charge only once.







The logic puzzle is not simple, and does require knowledge of all of the logical rules at play. The general flow should start at the bottom left corner, and build a path that moves right and through the middle. Eventually, there will be fewer options for places that Storm blocks can go, and this should fuel progress through the bottom right corner of the grid and upward. Also, note that the 4-2 blocks at the top, trickily, require the two blocks between them and the upper 2 block. Finally, the upper left and upper right should be determined by the remaining Storm blocks.

On page 2, the word search should result in the following ‘stations’: The White Stripes (T), John Lennon (N), Jimi Hendrix (I), Howard Stern (R), Buddy Holly (Y), Cab Calloway (C), and Beach Boys (B).
If you enter the lightning bolts onto the grid, carried over from the previous page, you can start drawing diagonal lines between them and the stations. If you draw diamonds around the stations like in the example, it’s easier to determine how many ‘touches’ each station has by lightning.
From top to bottom:
T – 2 touches
N – 1 touch
I – 3 touches
R – 2 touches
Y – 2 touches (note that 3 lightnings are in the diagonals, but 2 are in the same direction form the station)
C – 4 touches
B – 3 touches

T + 2 = V
N + 1 = O
I + 3 = L
R + 2 = T
Y + 2 = A (this wraps around the alphabet, which may not have been obvious)
C + 4 = G
B + 3 = E

VOLTAGE, which is the answer. And matches our thunderstorm theme!