Season 2 Night 2 Puzzle 3 Hints


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Hint 1

The names of the counties are where you should start looking. Are there any missing words that could help you make sense or patterns of these counties?




Hint 2

You should find names that you can add ‘Hot’, ‘Cold’ and ‘Zero’ to. After you find some of these, you should be able to form some groups based on the list in the lower left corner – but there’s also a spatial component you should be aware of – try to make some sense of the ‘Temperature Triangulator’.




Hint 3

Each category should have 3 items (make sure you have the full names of the items), one of which is a ZERO, and the others are either HOT or COLD. The ZERO should be placed in the middle of an L shape that connects the set. After this, you should think about the heat index to find your answer.




Hint 4

Reading the ‘heat index’ portion, you can translate temperatures to indices as follows: Max index = HOT and HOT, means you index into the zero by +11. Medium index = HOT and COLD, means index into the zero by +3. Min index = COLD and COLD, means index into the zero by +1.






There are a number of leaps here that can be tricky.
Your first area of concern should be the county names, and looking for patterns. Ideally, you should have a few associations right away and may start guessing at HOT and COLD. The ZERO entries may be more tricky, especially since they are not easy to connect to HOT and COLD without a reason, but things like Zero Sum Game or Zero Dark Thirty should be smooth. The hope is that once you start forming sets that fit in the categories on the bottom left, that things fill out easier. There is some ambiguity in the categories for things that are both books and movies, but the spatial arrangement should generally be able to disambiguate that later as the categories fill out.
The ‘Temperature Triangulator’ indicates that there is an L-shaped arrangement, where the ENDS of the L correspond to hot or cold, and the 0 at the ‘pivot’ corresponds to a ‘zero’.
NOTE also that the L shapes next to the categories correspond to the orientation of the L shape in the county map. With this information, you should be able to finish categories and draw L’s on the map defining them.

The items in categories should be:

refreshments (drinks) = HOT buttered rum, coke ZERO, COLD press coffee
diversions (games/toys) = HOT wheels, ZERO sum game, HOT potato
manuscripts (books) = COLD mountain, less than ZERO, in COLD blood
anthems (songs) = HOT blooded, love minus ZERO/no limit, stone COLD crazy
features (movies) = HOT shots, ZERO dark thirty, HOT fuzz
groups (musical acts) = HOT chip, renato ZERO, COLD play

The ‘pivotal complete named counties’ language for the heat index is referring to the ZERO item for each set. And the heat index itself is derived from the ‘temperature’ of the set. Max temperature = two HOTS = an index of ’11’
Medium temperature = one HOT one COLD = an index of ‘3’
Min temperature = two COLDS = an index of ‘1’

This ‘index’ is actual mechanically an index into the full name of that category’s ‘zero’ item.

coke zero [3] = K
zero sum game[11] = E
less than zero[1] = L
love minus zero / no limit [3] = V
zero dark thirty[11] = I
renato zero[3] = N

KELVIN, which is our answer. And also a temperature scale!