Season 2 Night 2 Puzzle Finale Hints


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Hint 1

Those icons really stand out – maybe see what you can do with them. Also – did you notice the morse code?




Hint 2

You should have been able to use your previous answers to extract two words from each ‘semi-category’. These should be placed in order into the left side of the provided grid. And if you haven’t already, you should have found the morse code in the contour lines, which spell out the cryptic phrase: TRI-STATE ZONES GAIN ONE LETTER FOR FOURCAST.




Hint 3

In trying to determine what ‘Tri-state zone’ means, make use of the pressure zones on the map, and note that the ‘under pressure?’ answer phrase has six words. There are 18 arrows of three sizes on the map pointing to states.




Hint 4

The pressure lines each have three contiguous groups of three states. The first letters of the states can be used to form words, which happen to be clued by the ‘Attain Kardashian card label grain today!’ words. The sizes of the arrows even provide an ordering. Try to think of the letters that you can add to these ‘Tri-state zones’ to make ‘fourcasts’. (three letter words -> 4 letter words)



Hint 5

Making use of the words that you got from your previous answers, you should have the following sets in preparation for finding 4 letter words:

win kim sim tag oat now

And to help you out, here’s one of them:
midge = GNAT = tag + N






First you should use your previous answers to extract the semi-category:
Following this, the morse code in the contour lines, read clockwise from the center out should give the instruction TRI-STATE ZONES GAIN ONE LETTER FOR FOURCAST.
You should notice the pressure front lines, and that they have arrows pointing to states. Also, note that each line has 3 giant letters and 9 states. When pulling the obvious letters from the states (the first letters), you get the following: NOWIMSNIW and OTAAGTKIM, not enough to mean much of anything. Further inspection should show that there are different sizes of arrow pointing to states, which could lead you to the ordering of these three letter words. But even if you don’t, you could get them from the clues below.
The ‘Under Pressure?’ question line at the bottom of the puzzle lists 6 words in a cryptic sentence: Attain Kardashian card label grain today! Each of these words clues one of the ‘tristate’ words. SO if we split those 9-letter strings into three, we can unscramble them to find answers.
‘Now’ is pretty good as is, for the ‘today’ clue. Same with ‘Kim’ and Kardashian.
NOW => NOW (today)
IMS => SIM (card, a sim card)
NIW => WIN (attain)
OTA => OAT (grain)
AGT => TAG (label)
KIM => KIM (Kardashian)

Finally, we can attempt to ‘add letter’ to these ‘tri-states’ to make ‘fourcasts’. One forecast reference that we already have is our list form before, which we will use as clues for this operation – breeze means wind, which is just adding a letter to ‘win’. It’s not clear from just this example, but the ‘adding a letter’ also means scrambling, which makes the task harder. But each subsequent word constrains the possibilities for future ones. Another easy break-in might be ‘oat’ -> ‘goat’.
breeze – win – wind
sushi – kim – maki
midge – tag – gnat
kid – oat – goat
truck – sim – semi

For the four-letter words, we can extract the letter that we added to produce it. This gives us

Danger, which is the answer. And possibly a forecast for our future as per the clue text.