Season 2 Night 3 Puzzle 2 Hints


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Hint 1

Listen carefully to the ‘Annex Mentions’, and try to connect with the night’s theme.

Hint 2

Wordplay has hidden some names of famous comic ‘gifted students’ in the list of annex mentions on the left. Their names should match with the first or last letters indicated on the right.

Hint 3

They are X-Men names. You should be able to complete the grid on the second page using tips on Corral/Cave puzzles. Also, for example, ‘prehensile octopus’ hides ‘Psylocke’.

Hint 4

Once you have completed the grid, there should be a large-ish ‘open’ space in the middle of the 4 connected grids, in the columns noted. You should be able to fit the names of the x-men vertically in this space, in the order given in the list of blanks on the first page.

Hint 5

The X-men names are:
Professor X
Jean Gray
Ice Man