Season 2 Night 1 Puzzle 2 Hints


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Hint 1

It’s probably best to figure out which channels are which, and their numbers before you can figure much of anything else out. Do a repeated scan for any clues involving channels or their numbers. The clue about each channel number being one of the digits 0-9 is vital.




Hint 2

It’s a tough logic puzzle! Keep track of the movies. A hint about those: they go in ‘color order’ over the course of the schedule. There WILL be some blank spots in the schedule.




Hint 3

Got it pieced together yet? Here‘s an image if you need a reference to the completed schedule.




Hint 4

Not sure where to go next? Check out the first and last letters of the channels for a hint of what to decode.







It’s a long and vigorous logic puzzle, for sure. But definitely you need to figure out the channel numbers and positions first. Then you can start locking pieces into place. The alphabetically sorted channels are helpful, as is the B-connected programs, and the movies that always overlap by one half hour (bonus if you follow your instinct or discover that the ‘color’ of the movies provide an order).

You should be left with a grid with some empty spaces.

The channels should be
Demand HitS

Hopefully the first and last letters popped out at you if you needed a hint (though you may not have needed it):


The spots in the schedule where nothing airs are either 1 block long or 3 blocks long, and only exist on four channels. If you interpret these as 4 morse code letters, you get:



Or ‘EMMY’, which is your answer!